The Fantail House. Made in NZ, Art Print, Kiwiana, Koru, Pikorua, Bone Carving

Framed Kiwiana with Bone Carvings

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These popular New Zealand in a frame art works are set off with a bone carving.

Adapted from triptych by Keiko Pogoni

Pohutukawa with Pikorua.

The Pikorua refers to eternal emerging paths in life. The twist symbolises the strength of the bond between two people, their loyalty and friendship.

Pohutukawa with Koru.

The Koru depicts new beginnings, growth & harmony. Early Maori saw the lifecycle of the similar to that of man. The tight koru depicts a baby. As the child matures, so does the Koru, slowly unfolding into adulthood.

Nikau Palm with Koru. 

Approximate measurements: 29 x 15.4 cm