The Fantail House, Made in New Zealand, Hei Matau, Fish Hook, Rimu, Hand Carved, Sculpture

Rimu Sculpture- Fish Hook - Hei Matau & Koru

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Hei Matua - The Fish Hook wood carving featuring pounamu (greenstone) inlay.

Beautifully hand carved by Master Carver Robyn Harper.

Hei Matua represents strength and determination. it brings peace, prosperity, good health & safe journey over water.

The Koru depicts new beginnings, growth & harmony. Early Maori saw the lifecycle of the similar to that of man. The tight koru depicts a baby. As the child matures, so does the Koru, slowly unfolding into adulthood.

Approximate measurements: 13 x 24 cm

Made in New Zealand.

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