The Fantail House, Swamp Kauri, Chopping Board, Paua Inlay, Native timber, Made in NZ, Handcrafted in NZ

Swamp Kauri Bread Board with Paua Inlay

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Handcrafted & rustic with a beautiful smooth finish. These boards are made from ancient swamp kauri. They take their shape from their natural form making each board unique.

Used as a decorative, serving, chopping or bread board.

Approximate measurements: 38 x 14 cm

To maintain your beautiful piece of kauri , simply oil it with olive or coconut oil as required.

Handcrafted & Made in New Zealand.


The kauri tree, Agathis australis, is New Zealand’s largest and most famous native tree. Kauri are among the world's mightiest trees, growing to over 50 m tall, with trunk girths up to 16 m, and living for over 2,000 years. Maori used kauri timber for boat building, carving and building houses.

Submerged by a natural disaster for up to 45,000 years in the peat bogs of New Zealand’s north, swamp kauri is one of the world’s most valuable and exquisite timbers. Swamp kauri is known to be the oldest workable wood in the world.