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Waipu Cove - Art Print by Jo May

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Art Prints by Jo May. 

Artist Jo May is known for her unique vibrant artworks which often reflect the colours of a beautiful summer day in NZ.

This print is taken from an original silk painting which was completely hand drawn and painted by brush over several days. No utensils or screen prints were involved in the original, and no two pictures will ever be the same.

The vivid layers of colour on the original artwork, combined with the natural iridescent sheen of the silk often create a wonderful three dimensional effect not achievable on other mediums and translates well to print.

This print has been totally handmade by artist Jo May. Prints are limited to 100 editions of each.

Prints are all hand signed and named on the front.

Prints are made with pigment inks and are non fade.

A5 Print for frame size 10"x 8"