Nanda Rammers, Earth Wonders, NZ Limited edition giclee art print

Art Print - Nanda Rammers - Earth Wonders

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Limited edition Giclee Art Print. Edition of 50. Numbered and signed by the artist.

Earth Wonders.

"The eternal relationship between wood, forest and the elements sky, wind, sun & ocean."

Nanda Rammers is an artist, creator, traveller and the force behind Twin Rivers Interior Design. In 2020 she found herself in lock down from the Covid pandemic on an isolated west coast beach in rural NZ. While on her daily beach walks she started gathering and collecting shells, feathers, mosses, mussels, driftwood and the like. Mostly imperfect objects but all beautiful in their own uniqueness. Inspired by the natural light, ocean, colours and the raw beauty of NZ nature Nanda couldn't stop drawing her finds.

In this work Nanda combines many of her drawings into a piece that for Nanda expresses the spiritual journey she discovered on the remote beach. One of for ourselves, for others and for all life on earth.

Nanda draws with the object in her hand, looking and understanding its shape, form, colours, texture and spiritual meaning and significance. While creating Nanda is utterly immersed in her own world and the present moment. This sense of stillness is captured in her beautiful print.

Printed to order. Please allow extra few days for delivery.

Unframed size: 420mm x 300mm

Made in NZ.