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Fantail Pair Note Book - By Artist Cathy Hansby

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The Everything Notebook!

For doodling, drawing, scribbling, writing, lists - and anything else you need paper for.  These make great gifts for sending overseas for all ages. 

Handy A6 sized notebooks

100 plain white pages

Bronze wire bound

Size is 10cm x 15cm 

Each book comes with the image name on the back. 

Made in New Zealand 

Cathy Hansby is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her prints are featured in magazines, by Interior designers and displayed in gorgeous homes throughout New Zealand.  Her prints travel across the globe to the United Kingdom, Europe and USA. 

Her engaging images capture personality and character, while celebrating the distinctive wildlife of New Zealand and our world.  

Often featuring endangered species, to highlight and remind us how close we are to losing them.  'The changes we make now could have a huge impact on wildlife in the future, I only hope our wildlife can endure for future generations.'