Manuka, honey,UMF15, The Fantail House, Hidden, Honey
Manuka, honey,UMF15, The Fantail House, Hidden, Honey

Manuka Honey UMF 15+ 250g

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Sourced from the young Mānuka bushes, Mother Nature ushers in her healing gold. Raw Mānuka honey is the perfect way to enhance your morning well-being rituals.

The Mānuka honey is certified to the highest UMF™ standards. This means it has gone through meticulous testing to verify its purity.

UMF™stands for Unique Mānuka Factor - a grading system set up by the New Zealand government to certify the quality of honey for Mānuka producers.

In a remote location on the west coast of New Zealand - away from the pesticides and harms of modern agriculture - they work in harmony with the bees. Hidden is about family and sustainability. It is a collaboration of close-knit friends and brothers with a passion for the environment and the protection of our bees. In a few precious hot summer weeks, they collect and harvest small batches of some of the purest raw Mānuka honey in the world.