Origami Feather Earrings - Nordica

Origami Feather Earrings - Nordica

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Unique handcrafted Feather Earrings, made from Washi tape & recycled Card.

  • Nordica Cross Pattern
  • Design is the Same on front & back
  • A glaze added for Water Resistance & Strength
  • Earring Fittings: Sterling Silver , perfect for sensitive ears
  • Length: 4.0 cm x Width 1.2 cm
  • Handmade Origami Gift Box included
  • Light and easy to post
  • Made in New Zealand 

The Best place to keep your Origami Jewellery can be your Jewellery box, Jewellery wardrobes, or a safe area where no heavy items are on top of it.

It is not recommended to sleep with your Origami Jewellery on, or wear them in the shower!

Every piece of origami has its own personality and character. It is recommended to treat them with love and care x