Paua Shells
Paua Shells
Paua Shells

Paua Shells

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Paua Shell - Abalone.

Unique to New Zealand. Our paua shell is rich and deep in iridescent colours.

Found all around the rocky shoreline coast, but grows best in southern waters.

Paua shell has been traditionally used by Maori to illuminate the eyes & features of carvings and artwork.

All paua shell has been supplied by licensed divers and harvested in the South Island. These shells are fully sealed with a clear lacquer to enhance and protect them making it safe for taking overseas.

Each shell is unique and differs in colour and patterns.

Approximate measurements - 12 x 9cm (please note very shell is different in size measurements are a guide only)

All Paua Shell are supplied to us by fully licensed commercial divers and are harvested in the South Island of New Zealand.