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Rewarewa Honey - 500g

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 From the forest to your table...

Rewarewa is the New Zealand honeysuckle which produces this flavoursome honey with an amber hue. Originating in the rural Waikato back country, this honey has a rich, malty taste.
Dollop some onto your morning porridge to add some excitement.

Ethical, sustainable raw honey by Hunt and Gather, Whāingaroa, Raglan, New Zealand

The honey is raw, even if it has been creamed. This means that it has never been heat treated so that it retains all of its natural properties, including loads of helpful micro-organisms. It has been fine filtered and commercially packed into beautiful glass jars.

Made in New Zealand.

Please note there are countries with biosecurity restrictions for honey. These are Western Australia (the rest of Australia is okay), Canada and most of the Pacific Islands.